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Provide quality care with dependable technology
The ACX Premium Bed helps caregivers provide quality of care for individuals with low to mild acuity medical conditions.The bed provides  easy-to-use features intended to help you or your loved one manage safety, comfort, and positioning.

Select the Surface to Meet Your Needs
The bed’s open and flat sleep deck allows you to use a wide range of available mattresses. This provides you and your loved one significant flexibility in selecting the most appropriate mattress based on medical condition.


  • Hand control - user has the ability to control bed high/low, and head/knee up/down and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg. Has controls for both the in bed user and caregiver.
  • Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their head/neck to be lower than their lower extremities
  • Reverse Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their lower extremities to be lower than their head/neck
  • Under Bed Light - Gently illuminate light below the bed to provide care without waking your loved one or use the light to assist in restroom breaks in the night.
  • Patient Exit Alarm (3 Settings) Level 3 –The alarm will sound when the patient steps on the floor. Level 2 - The alarm will sound when the patient takes 50% of their weight or one foot on the floor. Level 1 – The alarm will sound when the patient has a high acuity level (ICU). It will sound immediately even If the patient turns
  • Width and Length Adjustable - ACX bed will adjust from 36" wide to 48" wide and has the option to adjust length from 80" to 88"
  • Integrated USB connection - Allows power adapter for Ipads, phones or any usb electronics.
  • Dining Chair® One Button Feature - allows the user to be in a fully seated position in the bed
  • Battery backup - if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to operate 15 full cycles of the high/low and head/knee sections when fully charged
  • Lockout controls - ability to disable functions on the hand control to protect the patient from functions that may be at risk for their condition. Ideal for dementia and Alzheimers  patients.
  • Large easy to read Control, with bright, universal symbols, allowing residents and staff to easily operate the comfort controls of the bed.
  • Bed Scale - weighs patient in bed removing the need to use a patient lift scale. In-bed scale accurately monitors and records patient weight and weight history.

ACX Premium Hospital Bed

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