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FlexbackPro is a semi-rigid lumbar support brace designed and engineered to disperse the pressure on the lumbar muscles and provide maximum spinal support. 


Flexback Pro can help with numerous different causes of back pain or conditions including: Lumbar mechanical back pain ,Spondylolisthesis ,Spondylolysis ,Lumbar spinal stenosis ,Degenerative discs ,Bulging or herniated discs ,Facet syndrome , etc. 


It works by creating intra-abdominal pressure to ease pressure on the spine. It also limits harmful motion so that healing can occur. It effectively provides an injured area the means to recuperate by minimizing the stress and strain normally put on the back during regular daily activities. 


This helps take away a lot of stress on your back, healing your back and spine and preventing pain altogether. It also prevents your back condition from worsening. You’ll be less risk of injury, developing more pain and developing other back and spine ailments.



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