The SIGNA™ Pioneer is named after the many ways we are exploring and expanding what is possible in MR imaging. Our latest pioneering technology creates sharper scans than you thought were possible, for more patients per day than you considered possible, assuring more comfort and less anxiety than your patients imagined possible.

Our new SIGNA™Works productivity platform is the fuel that drives your imaging to the next level and beyond. It’s value-added technology that’s upgradeable and can be customized with additional applications to suit the needs of your growing practice.

Pioneering Technology


Scans sharper than you ever thought possible


  • 70cm, 3.0T wide bore
  • Fixed table (Comfort Plus patient table)
  • Intuitive one Touch-N-Go IntelliTouch landmarking
  • Easy in-room set up with dual touch-screen displays

Total Digital Imaging (TDI)

 Total Digital Imaging (TDI) – greater clarity & increase SNR by up to 25% compare to optical RF technology.

Built on three fundamental components:

  • Direct Digital Interface (DDI)– an independent digitizer for every channel delivers superior SNR
  • Digital Surround Technology (DST) – delivers sharper, higher quality images
  • eMode technology replaces analog blocking circuits with intelligent ultra-fast switched which further expand zero TE imaging capabilities.

Integrated TDI Coil Suite

The SIGNA Pioneer benefits from the exclusive TDI Coil Suite which delivers remarkable image quality with a set of coils designed to be patient-centered. It includes an embedded posterior array, high-density Head & Neck array, an anterior array with extended anatomical coverage and other highly performing MSK-dedicated coils.


Design to deliver an unmatched patient experience

With the SIGNA Pioneer, we're pioneering a patient-centered design built on a new concept of higher patient comfort and lower patient anxiety.

  • Comfort Plus table with lower height supports patients up to 550lbs
  • Free-breathing scanning with Auto Navigator
  • Head to toe motion -free imaging
  • Reduce patient anxiety with SilentWorks acquisitions


Scan one more patient per hour, every hour of your workday

Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Gradient System

Gradient coil is 2x more efficient:

  •  UHE gradient technology delivers minimal TE and TR values that are equivalent   to other gradient technologies running at 45 mT/m peak amplitude & 200 T/m/s peak slew-rate
  • Superior performance while significantly reducing power
  • Water & air-cooled for optimum duty-cycle performance & patient comfort

Intelligent Gradient Control (IGC):

  • All-digital control
  • Water-cooled technology
  • 300 micro-Amperes-second gradient current accuracy

MAGiC (Magnetic Resonance  Image Complication)

For the first time ever in the industry, you can generate multiple image contrasts in a single MRI scan including T1,T2, STIR,T1 FLAIR, T2 FlAIR and PD contrasts of the brain in a single acquisition. One scan can do the work of many, with images acquired in as little as half the time to acquire separate sequences, fully integratedd in a seamless workflow.

Turbo LAVA/LAVA Flex

Turbo LAVA/LAVA Flex delivers faster body imaging by enabling shorter breath-holds and faster scans. It includes a novel ARC-based acceleration technique which speeds up any LAVA and LAVA Flex sequence up to almost 50 percent without impact on image quality

Lower Cost to Set up and Operate

Lower Cost to Site

Imagine siting a 3.0T system in a 1.5T siting space. SIGNA Pioneer is bringing 3.0T to places it has never been before. It has one of the smallest total siting footprints in the industry and is 25% smaller than conventional 3.0T systems.

Lower Cost to Operate

The SIGNA Pioneer is designed to use approximately 50% less power than conventional 3.0T wide bore designs through innovative ultra-high efficiency gradient technology. This means tremendous energy and operational cost savings while delivering high end 3.0T performance at the same time. 

GE Signa Pioneer Brochure

GE Signa Pioneer 3.0T MRI System