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  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Includes Brand new Hospital-Grade Mattress
  • Smart Bed technology enabled for connectivity with NaviCare® Nurse Call, other nurse call systems and EMRs.
  • Optional Bed exit monitoring system with Hill-Rom’s patented three-level detection algorithms
  • Audible “brake not set” alarm
  • SlideGuard® bed articulation technology with autocontour
  • Integrated scale
  • Point-of-Care® nurse controls
  • One-button dining chair®
  • Optional Intellidrive® powered transport or central 5th steering wheel
  • Automatic battery backup


The Hill-Rom Care Assist ES Bed provides essential and dependable technologies for delivering effective quality care. The Care Assist ES Bed provides easy to use solutions to help caregivers manage patient safety, comfort, and positioning. With its transport capabilities and easy maintenance, this Med Surg bed meets the fundamental needs of the care setting.

The Care Assist ES Bed is our foundational Med-Surg bed. We’ve designed it especially for busy caregivers who need to accomplish a multitude of tasks in a minimum amount of time. A number of one-and-done features distinguish the Care Assist ES Bed as one of the most practical beds available. Caregivers can do more with easy, one-step features, including:

  • Bedside controls offer the Dining Chair® one-button feature
  • Four-corner brake and steer for easy mobility
  • Built-in bed extender lets a single caregiver add length to the bed
  • Line-of-Site® angle indicator lets nurses monitor a patient’s head angle at a glance
  • Led by experienced clinical professionals, our comprehensive Safe Skin® program for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown helps improve outcomes that are designed to be repeatable and sustainable
  • The Care Assist ES Bed contributes toward this effort with its SlideGuard® feature, which helps protect your patient’s skin during repositioning by keeping his/her hips in place while the bed elevates
  • The bed’s open architecture allows you to use almost any commercially available surface, offering maximum flexibility to care for patients at every level of risk for skin breakdown
  • The centrally located fifth wheel adds maneuverability to let you steer the bed easily during transport.
  • With the battery backup, there’s no need to find an outlet when repositioning the bed (high/low position, head-of-bed, knee section and foot angle) during patient transfer.
  • Point-of-Care® siderail controls are conveniently located in a central location, on both sides of the bed, where patient and caregiver interaction occurs.


Hill-Rom Care Assist ES Bed

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