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Product Description

This Cybertech/Ottobock cervical thoracic halo brace is designed for neck and upper back injuries. These types of injuries require a stabilized spine to speed the recovery and healing process in the neck and upper back following an injury or surgery. This spine immobilizer is great for treating a wide variety of neck and upper back injuries, while also making the recovery process easy and comfortable for the patient. The minerva orthosis allows for complete linear adjustability for flexion, extension, neutral positioning and immobilization. The two-piece design of the brace increases airflow, comfort and ease of application. These components can be adjusted with the quick-adjusting straps. There is also a large trachea opening in the front, enabling the patient to breathe naturally. Additionally, the brace features a removable plush laminated foam liner on all skin contact areas for added comfort for the patient. Additional liners can be ordered separately. It is available with an optional forehead strap to ensure a higher degree of immobilization. This forehead strap has a silicone pad to help the strap from slipping down off the head. All the components of this brace work together to help stabilize and prevent motion or rotation of the head and neck. The spine brace is completely latex free and MRI compatible. Some of the injuries and conditions in which this cervical brae would be necessary for recovery include: Jefferson’s fracture, light wedge fractures, post trauma, arthritis, acute pain, and spinal stenosis.

Minerva Orthosis Cervical Thoracic Halo

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