Wrist-Hand PlastiCast 

immobilizes wrist while allowing full finger/thumb ROM.  Semi-rigid polyethylene shell with a 1/8"-thick thermo-bonded closed-cell polyethylene foam interior for comfort and easy application. Hook and loop closures. Ventilated. Hypoallergenic. Radiolucent. Water resistant. Modify with scissors and heat gun. Comes with one pre-sewn, cotton stockinette liner.

Indications: Post-cast fracture immobilization, navicular fractures, nondisplaced distal forearm fractures.

Sizing: MP diameter, Wrist Circumference, Forearm Circumference


 Sizing  MP Dia.  Wrist Circ.  Forearm Circ.
 Small  2-3/4" to 3-1/4"  7" to 8"  8" to 10"
 Medium  3-1/4" to 3-3/4"  8" to 9"  10" to 12"
 Large  3-3/4" to 4"  9" to 10"  12" to 14"

Wrist-Hand PlastiCast